Unique, mesmerizing. This charismatic duet shatters expectations.

World-class musicians performing an eclectic repertoire on a never-seen-before combination of instruments… Harkan is a most outstanding and unusual musical project.

Bringing together French and Tunisian virtuosos, the band led by Maia Darme on the harp and Mohamed-Amine Kalaï on the qanun is thoroughly captivating. On stage, they often morph into a trio, with percussionists providing accompaniment on North African traditional drums (bendir, tar, daff…).

Harkan’s concerts include new compositions as well as immemorial music from all around the Mediterranean: Turkish, North African, Levantine, Hispano-Andalusian, Italian, French, Greek… Lively dances follow languorous pieces as the rhythm builds up — the musicians’ fingers running on an ocean of strings. 

Harkan is the fruit of years of research, rediscovering and arranging traditional repertoires, collaborating with contemporary composers and developing new playing techniques for both instruments to allow them to venture into foreign music cultures. Exotic and versatile, Harkan’s performances are moments out of time and away from reality.